Fiolet (feeee oh-lay) and Wing

Fiolet & Wing: An Anthology of Domestic Fabulist Poetry – a survey of contemporary women poets working with the incorporation of real and surreal elements into domestic realms. This extraordinary collection brings together poets writing in the fabulist tradition: fable, myth, fairytale, or magic. These poems weave a spell. Within this one-of-a kind anthology, women-identifying poets boldly claim domestic landscapes to explore what nurtures and what breaks us.

Why Domestic? A word once dismissive of women’s writing, these poets unapologetically and boldly claim the domains of hearth and home as well as all the relationships that fall within. Domestic fabulist poetry is that which explores what nurtures and what breaks us.

Since no comparable resource on contemporary domestic fabulist poetry existed, Editors Balkun and Moore curated a unique collection as both an introduction to and a survey of the ways women poets reclaim the domestic sphere and define a genre. Women-identifying writers representing all regions of the continental U.S. and abroad spanning four continents find home here. Contributors include Kelli Russell Agodon, Jennifer Givhan, Miriam Bird Greenberg, Carol Guess, Akua Lezli Hope, Colette Inez, Melinda Palacio, Susan Rich, Martha Silano, Cecilia Woloch, and many others.

Every page of Fiolet and Wing brings some new magic: birds and blooms, fairy tales and fabulism, the border between the domestic and the wilderness, the dream and nightmare of womanhood, the home as prison and liberator. I love these fierce, vibrant, luscious poems.

Carmen Maria Machado

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Fiolet & Wing: An Anthology of Domestic Fabulist Poetry

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E-Book ISBN: 978-1-950502-07-3, 166 pages, $3.99
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Release Date: 2019
Liminal Books (Between the Lines Publishing) Lutsen, Minnesota, USA.
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What is the meaning of your title?  And how do you pronounce Fiolet?

It is pronounced: Feeee oh-lay. Stretch the pronunciation long and thick like the mist over swamps. Fiolet is a derivative of a deep South spirit, the fifollet, a ghostly light or flame that appears in bogs and swamps. The lights were known as fairies or sometimes the ghosts of loved ones. Originally from the French: feu follet, or “foolish fire.”

We think of wing as a noun and a verb. Wing is any wisdom, every lifting into flight. A device and an abstract.

So, you can see our title is both foolish and wise. Of the earth and of the air. Of myth and the mundane. And every liminal thing in-between.