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We Are All Her Grandmother
by Eileen Malone

We warn her
a young girl does not go
alone into the dark woods

wearing the pre-menstrual
blood-red cloak

unless it is to invite, entice

we shake our heads
at her pretension of visiting
her grandmother

we are all her grandmother
cut from the wolf’s belly
by a passing hunter

eventually red riding hood
will succumb, it’s just a matter
of story

and a naturally occurring cycle
of seduction.


Why I Have Five Calendars in My Kitchen
by Hilary King

One is a window. Through it I watch
our days grow tall and thick.

One is a sky. Tiny numbers form constellations.
A belt, a ladle, a vacation in July.

One is a poker hand. I call, I raise, I fold.
Time is a cheater. The house never wins.

One hangs high on stainless steel.
Beneath it hang ideas, directions, a red paper heart.

One is a campfire. Each night we warm ourselves
by the sight of last year’s Easter, last year’s beach trip,
our own happy faces flickering in the past.


by Lauren K. Carlson

Others prayed as if prayers
were wishes. But I’d
blow out candles before
the song finished.
I learned to plug my nose
and dive, to glide unseen
upstream with salmon,
and make my home among
clusters of egg sac,
stream disturbed with rock,
and stem. There, in the ceaseless
whisper of living water, breath
brought me out from under
the lilies. I was cold, struggling
to sing. Sharp light devoured
my gills but the brook bubbled
and the salmon spawned.
Nothing was wishing,
except me:
a frog learning
to live in two
worlds at once.